The actor and Disney sensation is growing up fast! Normally I would say it is just a rumor, but the claim is pretty solid when there is a video.  We have all heard that Zac is a ladies man, so I guess he is trying to 'embrace' every ounce of it.  Maybe its just me, but if you are at a red carpet premiere.......wouldn't you want to keep the condoms in a safe place?I know, I know............a few of you are like, "OMG he would NEVER do such a thing!"  I'm not bashing or making assumptions, but if you watch the video closely..........the protection is SHOWING.

At the red carpet event, Zac Efron asked his publicist to hold something for him and as he pulls his hand out of his pocket a gold condom falls out(Oops).  Not only was the package picked up fast, but the look on his face just screamed, 'I'm embarrassed.'  As if dropping that in public wasn't enough, while Zac is trying to pick up the contraceptive he says,

Oh my GOD!" [via Youtube]

Nice job covering everything up Zac!  Don't let us influence what you see though, take a look at the video below and tell us what you think.

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