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Here in southwestern Louisiana we don't have much of a spring or a fall. We usually just recognize two seasons - when it's hot, and when its cold. When it gets cold around here, things like gumbo, duck hunting and bonfires are universally popular, but when the warm season rolls around it gives us the opportunity to indulge in things that you just can't do when it's frigid outside; or at least they wouldn't be as enjoyable. Being that we are in the midst of summertime, here are 10 things that you absolutely MUST do before the warm season in Lafayette says goodbye.



Get A Sno Ball

The heavenly taste of flavored ice.
You can get them in just about any flavor imaginable. Sno Balls are an awesome treat at any point in the year, but nothing goes together like a hot Louisiana summer day and an ice-cold sno ball. You can get them just about anywhere in Acadiana, but chances are you have your favorite sno ball stand in mind right now. No matter what your flavor is, make sure you have at least one before the summer is done.
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Party Outside

Eat, dance and be merry under the sun.
Even though Festival International has already passed us up, there is still plenty of opportunity to party outdoors. Festivals, fundraisers, cookouts, art walk, Downtown Alive, Rhythms on the River or just crank up Hot 107.9 on the back porch or by the pool. At some point this summer, you owe it to yourself to indulge in a little bit of outdoor partying.
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Grub Somewhere Outdoors

Eating food outside, the way nature intended.
It doesn't matter if you light up the pit and throw on a few burgers, hit up a crawfish boil or lay out a blanket at Girard Park for a mid-day picnic. Even if it's just opting for the outside table at your favorite restaurant, eating outside is awesome and you owe it to yourself to consume food at least once outdoors this warm season. My only suggestion would be to do it during the coolest part of the day.
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Work On The House/Yard

Because you know you won't when it gets cold.
Have you been meaning to plant flowers in that ugly dirt patch you call a flowerbed? How about those locks that don't work on the back door? Have you been meaning to trim those unsightly bushes, finally take down those Christmas lights or fix the screen door once and for all? We all know being outside is more pleasurable when its NOT freezing cold, so why not knock out those unpleasant home improvement projects now? And no, just because we are past the midway point in the year it doesn't justify you leaving up those lights until Christmas.
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Feed The Ducks At Girard Park

Or whatever else might be hanging out by the pond.
Girard Park has been a Lafayette summer time staple for many years now and one of the attractions of the park is the pond where you can find ducks, as well as other animals (like the beautiful nutria). Regardless of your findings, these animals love to eat, so bring that nearly stale loaf of bread and feed nature. Bring a kid, even if its not yours. Trust me. It'll be fun.
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Go Fishing

You might just catch something.
What better way to pass the time on a lazy summer day than casting a line and just waiting for something to bite. We have some of the best fishing in the world here in southwest Louisiana, but you don't have to be a pro to enjoy it. Whether you hit up that deep sea company fishing trip or just cast a line in your neighborhood pond, going fishing is a must. Who knows, you might just catch something.
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Eat An Ice Cream Cone

Trust me on this one.
Borden's downtown? Hershey's Ice Cream? Sonic? McDonalds? Marble Slab? Baskin Robbins? Maggie Moos? Are you craving ice cream yet. Even though we enjoy ice cream in the winter, there is nothing more American than enjoying a delicious ice cream cone in the dead heat of the summer. Do the right thing and treat yourself to at least one genuine ice cream cone before it gets cold. Trust me on this one.
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Hit The Beach

You're gonna have to leave Lafayette though.
Ok, we know the list said that these are things to do in Lafayette, but you can't go a whole summer without the sand in your toes and the sounds of the sea washing up on the shore can you? You can take a quick trip east to find some sand and surf within a few hours of here and the panhandle. Maybe heading west is your thing. Whatever you choose, make sure you hit a beach sometime before the cold season.
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Find A Pool

Pools are awesome. End of story.
Whether you hit up Blue Bayou, Cajun Palms or some rich dudes house in River Ranch, make it your business to find a pool and jump in it, lay next to it or just put your feet in - and do it as much as possible. Nothing beats the heat like a big pool of water and simply put, pools are awesome. Now go find one. Now.
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Play In The Fountain Downtown

Fun for the kids and your inner child.
One of the coolest things about downtown is the fountain located in Parc Sans Souci. When that thing is on, you can bet you will see tons of happy kids running and playing in the aquatic wonderland that is the Downtown Fountain. FYI, the fountain has no age limit, so don't be afraid to put on your swimsuit and indulge in one of Lafayette's best summertime offerings.