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Surprised By Garth
Jessica Lavasseur got quite the surprise outside of Garth Brooks' old recording studio.
AT&T Warns Customers About New Scam
AT&T is warning customers that there is a phone scam going around and it involves someone calling you and identifying themselves as an employee with AT&T.
President Trump In The Sky?
A guy by the name of AJ Brackins posted these photos of a cloud and now the internet says it resembles President Trump.
Mike The Tiger Loves Creeping
A visitor at Mike The Tiger's habitat on the campus of LSU turned his back on the playful Tiger and that's when Mike took advantage of the situation.
Woman Gets Head Stuck In Tailpipe [VIDEO]
A woman got her head stuck in a vehicle's tailpipe at the Winstock Country Music Festival and the fire department showed up with the "Jaws of Life" to remove the woman's head from the pipe.
Epic Dance Off!
A group of teenagers has gone viral for all the right reasons.