Why Are There Babies In King Cake?
Most Cajuns are aware of the tradition of king cake but not the story of where it started. The tradition goes that if you get the baby in your slice then it's your turn to buy the next cake. But as I ate my slice of delicious creme cheese filed king cake. I wondered where this far-fetched tradi…
10 Great Things Louisiana Has Given To The World
As we all know, Louisianians are are problem solvers. We've come up with quite a few interesting things, delicious foods and inventions that have made this country a better place. Don't believe me? I have two words for you; Fried Turkey. Oh, and Louisiana is why the U.S. won WWII.
Beware Of Hotel Safes
You'd think that, just by its namesake, these things would be trustworthy, but beware of hotel safes!

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