Well 2012, it's been real, but it's time for us to move on. We had some good times, we had some weird times, but we're ready for 2013. It's not you, it's us. We've changed. Oh, and 2012, before you go here's a list of things you need to take with you, because we NEVER want to see them again...


1. Political Status Updates

With the Presidential election 2012 became the year of the political status update. Thousands of Americans took to social media to voice their ridiculous opinions about issues they knew nothing about. Luckily, we won't have to face another major election for four years. You had your time political status update. Now don't you dare show up in 2013.

2. Planking, Tebowing, Milking, Owling, ect

2012 will be remembered forever as the year of the internet meme...and they were funny, for like 10 minutes, but they just wouldn't die. Well planking, tebowing, owling, whatevering, your time is over now. Nice knowing you.



3. Kony 2012

Never forget...


4. Gangnam Style

"Gangnam Style" the mega crossover hit from Korean pop superstar PSY took over the world late in 2012. The song along with it's iconic dance launched countless parodies, covers, and youtube videos. And when we say countless, we mean countless. So many that we pretty much Gangnam'd out.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

In 2012 mainstream America was introduced to the designer drug "Bath Salts". Bath Salts, a powdery substance that can be snorted, smoked, eaten, or injected, were at the heart of some pretty gruesome crime scenes in 2012. Dudes were eating each other left and right. Bath Salts are pretty much bad news all the way around and should be avoided at all costs. Bath Salts turned homeless dudes into zombies and for that we're hoping for a Bath Salt free 2013.


6. The Term "Superstorm"

In 2012 hurricane Sandy swept through the northeast destroying many iconic landmarks and miles of private property. The devastation led newscasters to dub the hurricane "Superstom Sandy", and dub it they did. They said "Superstorm" a lot. A lot a lot. They said "Superstorm" so much that "Superstorm" never needs to be said again. Here's to a Superstorm-free 2013.

amandakelly_, Webstagram

In late October of 2012 things over at the University of Louisiana @ Monroe got a little weird. The poor misguided Warhawks from Monroe decided to launch a "Cajun Hate Week" on Twitter. It didn't exactly work out well for them...

Wesley Hitt, Getty Images

8. Google+

Swing and a miss... It's been dying for awhile. Time to put this failed social media site out of it's misery. See you on the history channel.


9. Keep Calm And...

Keep Calm and Carry On started as a propaganda campaign produced by the British government during the beginning of WWII. In 2012 it was revived as an annoying internet meme. It's mind-numbingly asinine and has been ridiculously overused. Do us a favor "Keep Calm and Stay In 2012".

10. Chick Porn

In 2012 females got all kinds of wild with releases like best selling novel "50 Shades of Gray" and the infamous half-naked-dude flick "Magic Mike".


11. That's What She Said

It rightfully should have died out a few years ago, but the now infamous catchphrase made popular by Michael Scott of "The Office" just keeps holding on. We're going to make it official though... you had your time "That's What She Said". It's time to let it go. (That's what she said)


 12. #YOLO

Drake gave us the motto, then the motto exploded. #Yolo was everywhere. On the t-shirts of tweenage girls. Tattooed on frat dudes. Plastered on the sides of vehicles. In 2012 you couldn't get away from #yolo. Thing is, we're about #yolo'd out. We know how many times we live, and we're tired of the reminders

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire/ ABC

So what did we miss? Let us know what you don't want to see in 2013 in the comment section and be sure to click the LIKE button to share this with your friends.