We gave you a rundown of all the new tech that Apple revealed at their recent WWDC event, but one thing that stands out the most is the upcoming iOS 6 update. The only (first world) problem is that it's almost too overwhelming to take in all at once. So with the help of our friends over at iDownloadBlog, we highlighted the coolest features for you.

Here are 13 ways that iOS 6 will take your iPhone experience to the next level, and hopefully, these features will get you just as excited as we are as we count down the weeks until it's release.

Respectfully Decline Phone Calls

Sometimes we forget that the main feature on our smartphones, is the phone itself. iOS 6 gives the Phone app an upgrade, including a feature that allows you to decline phone calls like never before. Instead of sending callers to voicemail, you will have the option to respond with a preset or custom text message, as well as the option to set a callback reminder.

Facebook Integration

Apple recognizes that most iPhone users are also Facebook users and that is reflected in the new iOS update. You will now be able to "like" things in the App, iBooks and iTunes store. You will be able to update your Facebook (and Twitter) statuses through the notification center and post photos to Facebook directly from the photo app.

FaceTime Over Cellular

If you thought speakerphone changed the way we communicate, just wait until FaceTime is available for use over the cellular network. In addition to the using FaceTime without being forced to find a Wi-Fi connection, iPads and other devices will be able to make FaceTime Calls using their Apple IDs and/or their phone numbers.


Everyone's favorite robotic personal assistant is even smarter. Siri now has a wealth of new knowledge pertaining to sports, restaurants, movies and more. She will also have the ability to launch apps, which is pretty cool. Oh, and did I mention she was also now available on iPad? Everyones cool assistant just got cooler.

Apple Maps

iOS 6 will bring us a completely different Maps app, redesigned from the ground up. It's got great new features like a 3D flyover view that uses 3D technology to give you a birds-eye view of buildings and landmarks in reference to your search. The new app will also boast turn-by-turn directions to help you get where you're going without having to fumble with the app, especially when the screen locks up. Another cool feature use real-time traffic conditions to calculate a more accurate ETA. We all know how a 3-minute drive during 5 o'clock traffic can easily turn into a half hour.


Get ready for a fresh new look for the one app that we all take for granted. You can now set songs as alarm tones in iOS 6 and the Clock app will also be available on iPad.


Not too much going on with Safari, but the web browser did get a few tweaks worth mentioning. The tabs in your web browser will now be available in the cloud. This means that if you open a new tab on your safari browser on your Mac, it will automatically open on your iOS device as well. You will also have the ability to upload photos and videos to websites from your mobile device. Rounding out the new Safari upgrade is a new full-screen feature that allows you to view web pages in full-screen when you're in landscape mode.


A few notable changes with the Photos app; the first being a new sharing menu that allows users to upload pics and vids straight to Facebook, Twitter and other services. You can also share Photo Streams with friends and family directly from the Photos app, iPhotos or the web.


This brand new app is pretty cool. It takes all of your digital gift cards, event tickets and boarding passes and organizes them for you. The cards are location-aware, so if you walk into a building associated with one of the cards in your Passbook app, you will automatically receive a push notification. The sooner airports get down with this technology, the better!


The new mail app is just like the old mail app - with a few enhancements of course. One of the most exciting new features is VIP Lists, which allows you to receive notifications every time someone from a specific list of contacts emails you. You can also use the popular pull-to-refresh gesture to refresh your inbox. And finally, after years and years of tedious copy/pasting, you can now attach photos and videos to your emails without having to leave the Mail application.

App Store

The App Store is getting a significant redesign that will look different, act different and make looking through apps easier and a lot more enjoyable. The biggest perk for me is that you don't get kicked out of the app when you start a download.


If all these other apps are getting makeovers, then it would make sense for the Settings app to get a new look too. Get ready to experience new privacy settings, a guided access mode, government alerts, a relocated Bluetooth toggle switch, and last but not least, a new Do Not Disturb option that allows users to turn off all push notifications and alerts with a single flick of the switch.


A few other features worth pointing out are new Emoji icons, new app ribbons, a custom dictionary in the cloud, new Wi-Fi networking options in Settings and more!

But for now, we wait. :)