In what may be the most disturbing video of all-time, watch what happens when a van runs over a 2-year-old. More so, see what happens as men and women pass by the child, who is on the ground in pain. I was stunned when I watched this for the first time. What has really happened to our society? Where have all of the good Samaritans gone?

In the disturbing video captured on a surveillance camera, a toddler named Yueyue is hit by a white van in Foshan, China, near a busy market. The van pauses, then lurches ahead.

Nobody stopped to help the 2-year-old, including one man who walks no more than a foot from where she lay. Then a second van drove down the street. The child was hit again. Yes, the child in the video is ran over for a second time. I would only hope that if this were in our country, the people passing by and seeing the child on the ground would have stopped to help this kid. Oh, one more question, where were the parents of this 2-year-old? I am always bothered by parents that just allow their kids to stray away from them while out in public. It takes something like this to remind us all that an accident can happen at any time.

CAUTION: Some of you may find this video to be disturbing!!!