We've all seen drama when it comes to youth sports, but this 3rd grade AAU basketball coach unloading a haymaker on a parent after a game is just crazy.

In the violent NSFW video you can see the man shaking hands with the opposing team's coach, when he makes a bee-line for a parent who was allegedly yelling at him from across the court during the game.

The caption posted with the video sheds a little light on what led to this explosion.

This other teams coach lost his temper a little after my brothers team beat him in a THIRD GRADE AAU game!

While it's NEVER cool to hit anyone, let alone lose your temper this way, isn't the parent who YELLS enough at a 3rd grade basketball game to provoke a coach to come over and drop him with a serious haymaker a little at fault too?

According to the person who uploaded the video, the coach even took a swing at the dad's wife before being arrested by police.

Have you ever seen this type of behavior go down between adults at a youth sporting event?

If so, comment below and let us know.