They're calling it the Kids Meal Surprise. Surprise is an understatement when a 4 year old Michigan boy finds a pot filled pipe in his Burger King Kid's Meal. I'm pretty sure it's not the toy he was expecting. Naturally the Grandparents were in a uproar and called the authorities. The 23 year old employee did come out and admit that he put the pipe in there for safe keeping, but got so high that he forgot to take it out. That is probably the most honest answer I've ever heard said the Michigan police department.

According to The Huffington Post,,a Burger King spokesperson said: customer safety is a "top priority" at the global chain. "This Burger King restaurant is owned and operated by a franchisee who enforces a zero-tolerance drug policy," the statement also read. "The franchise management team is cooperating fully with the Dundee police department. BKC and the franchisee extend a sincere apology to the guests involved in this unfortunate incident."


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