Lafayette loves it some Instagram. The trendy cellphone app with its filters and effects has turned an entire generation of tech-savy teens and twenty-somethings into budding amateur photographers... or an unrelenting hoard of iPhone wielding paparazzi; depending on how you look at it. The point is, pretty much anything and everything can end up on Instagram.

So what moments are every Lafayette Instagrammers' favorite to capture for all of Instagram eternity? We've been scouring the interwebs of Acadiana and can now confidently bring you the 9 Epically Awesome Photos Every Lafayette Instagrammer Takes.

Pay attention. You might see someone you know!

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    The Epic Sunset

    Instagrammers are deep. They are not just "Yolo" shouting yahoos snapping pictures with their camera phones. They are legitimate photographic artists. And every now and then a photographic artist needs to sit back, look out into the sunset, and reflect on life. Think about heavy stuff. You know, like "why are we all here?", "whats does it all mean", and "how quickly can I get this on Instagram?"


    The Epic Sunset pic comes in at number NINE on our list of Epic Instagram photos, because, you know man, life and stuff. Yolo.

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    The %22Look What I'm Eating!%22 Shot

    Artists are characterized by the way they see the world and Instagrammers are no different. While you or I might see a plate of food as simply an opportunity for nourishment, Instagrammers see a blank canvas of opportunity.


    The "Look What I'm Eating" shot is an epically beautiful expression of Instagram emotion. That's not just fro-yo. That's art. I feel you bro. Respect.

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    The Epic Between The Legs Beach Shot

    The life of an on-the-go Instagram artist can be stressful. Snapping epic Instagram shots on the reg can wear you down. To take a break from the Insta-grind, Instagramers love striping down to their swim wear and heading waterside. The only problem with relaxing waterside is that it can be difficult to relax waterside without knowing that other people also know that you're relaxing waterside, because if other people don't know...whats the point of doing it?


    Enter the Epic Between The Legs Beach Shot.


    The Epic Between The Legs Beach Shot is an Insta-classic. It shows everyone back home your view from paradise while subtly reminding them that you're there and they are not. Sucks to be you. #sorrynotsorry #yolo

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    The Shoe Shot

    Some people might say taking a picture of your shoes and uploading it onto the internet is a cry for attention. Well those people need to shut up.


    It's Friday, you just got paid, and you've got your freshest pair of kicks on. You damn right this is going on Instagram.

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    The Artistic Booze Shot

    Instagrammers are free spirits that refuse to conform to the oppressive rules of society. Sometimes that means not wearing shoes in public; sometimes that means boozing on a Tuesday. That's just how they live their lives. All in every damn day. Yolo.


    The Artistic Booze Shot lets everyone know you came to party, but you're still deep.

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    The Squished Face Friends Shot

    Living the life of an epic Instagram artist can make you a popular person. It just comes with the territory. In fact, Instagrammers often have so many friends that they have trouble fitting them all in frame. Perennial problem solvers, Instagrammers have learned that the easiest solution to their picture problem is to simply squeeze their friends' faces together until no daylight can be seen between them.


    Like dead fish in a bucket, the Squished Face Friends Shot is executed to perfection when everyone pictured has their heads tilted and cheeks contorted.

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    The %22Yeah, I'm Tailgating%22 Shot

    Boom son. It's tailgating season and you know Instagrammers love their Cajuns. That's why no respectable Instagrammer's photo album is complete without a shot from Cajun Field repp'in their vermilion and white.


    Bonus points for catching the Epic Sunset from the stadium in background.

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    The Epic Insta-Glam Shot

    The self-portrait is a staple of artistic expression. Consummate innovators, Instagrammers have perfected their own version of the classic self-portrait. The Epic Insta-Glam shot.


    Usually set in cars or dimly lit rooms, the Epic Insta-Glam shot is a unique expression of attitude and eyebrow dexterity. The perfect Epic Insta-Glam photo combines beauty, pain, weird lighting, inner-struggle, and is set against an ambiguously unidentifiable background. What is that back there? You don't know. That's art, son. Yolo.

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    Dogs and Babies

    Let's be honest, Instagram is pretty much a dog and babies sharing site that occasionally gets other pictures.


    That's just how it goes. Dogs and babies, son. You can't handle this collage of cute.