Now that everyone has seen Nike's new 2012 uniform designs for the Saints along with the other 31 NFL teams, what about the stuff that we can actually buy and wear right now? Nike took over the license from Adidas AG's Reebok unit, which held the NFL outfitting rights for the past 10 years. In addition to the jerseys, cleats, gloves and other on-field accessories, Nike also has the rights to make sideline, practice and fan apparel. The new gear is up on NFL Shop, so I went through and pulled a few of the new Saints pieces (for guys and gals) that I thought were really cool. I chose to feature 9 of them... for obvious reasons. ;)


Nike's popular catchphrase "Just Do It" goes hand in hand with what you want your team to do. Winning. This t-shirt is simple, and the message is clear. This one will be everywhere. Oh, and it's also available in gold.

I like really plain designs, and this one is a homerun. Simple fleur-de-lis on a grey tee. Oh, and the best part is that it is a DRI-FIT shirt. Adios moisture! Also available in gold, black and white.

Ladies, this one can be worn at the gym, at the big game or while you post up to enjoy your Saints from the comfort of your own couch. I can already see these getting some serious TV time.

I'll definitely be grabbing these shorts. Nike DRI-FIT shorts are great for working out, hanging out or sleeping in. Super comfortable and good for everyday use. They're also available in black.

I dig the repeating pattern on this Saints tee. I also like the multicolor that isn't too out of control. Nike nailed it again with this one. Simple, yet effective.

This is gonna be a college girl classic right here! Everyone knows that these DRI-FIT Nike shorts already dominate the campuses of UL, LSU and every university in between, so now that the official Saints version is here .. it's on! I speak for many other men when I say, I'm totally not mad at that.

This is gonna be a favorite amongst the guys who love rocking the classic look. Donning the team's inaugural year of 1967, this Saints tee will look good with just about anything.

I can't stress enough how much I love simplicity. One of my biggest pet peeves about the old Reebok designs is that they did too much. Less is more, and this shirt is the perfect example. Also available in black.

This is my favorite piece of new Saints gear and I can't even wear it. Ladies love football, and the Saints have some of the most die-hard female fans. I have a feeling the female members of the Who Dat Nation are gonna be all over this one.

What do you think of the new Nike Saints gear?

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