A young boy proved that the power of praise is real when he was released by his kidnapper after annoying him repeatedly by singing his favorite gospel song.

Then 9-year-old Willie Myrick was abducted outside of his Atlanta, Georgia home in late March. An unidentified man forced him into a car, but let him out three hours later after Myrick constantly sang "Every Praise" by Hezekiah Walker.

The boy was originally lured into the vehicle with cash before he was snatched up by his kidnapper. Upon releasing the boy, his kidnapper told him "not to tell anyone."

Since the alleged kidnapping incident, Willie has celebrated his tenth birthday and was even paid a visit by Grammy Award-winning gospel singer Hezekiah Walker. The "Praise You" singer says he believes that he wrote that song to save Willie's life and that he just "wanted to hug him."

Police have released this sketch of the alleged kidnapper, but still have had no luck identifying him.