For the first time ever, I am considering getting the "fake" Christmas tree this year. I have always been a traditionalist when it comes to getting your Christmas tree, but after last year, I am strongly favoring a different route. Yes, I have actually thought about going with the fake tree this year, but still, something is holding me back.

To start, I have always been a HUGE fan of the real tree in your home for the holidays because of the scent it brings into the house. I love nothing more than walking into the house or apartment, and smelling the fresh scent of pine. However, as of late, I found that most real trees simply don't smell anymore. Where has the scent I waited for each year gone? Are the real tress being put on "steroids" to grow faster, yet in the process losing their true meaning or traits? Whatever the case may be, I have been really disappointed with what is my favorite type Christmas tree.

Then, I am not sure if you have noticed this, but are the real tress drying up and dieing faster than ever before. And before I go any further, YES I DO WATER MY TREE. Still, I have noticed in the last three years that the real trees are not lasting as long as they once did. For the past three years, I have removed our Christmas tree from our home the DAY after Christmas because it has already dried out. I won't even get into the amount of needles that seem to now shed off of these "steroid" induced tress. However, with all of that said, I still have a true love for the real tree in my home for the holidays. But why am I leaning towards the fake one this year?

With the artificial trees comes much less hassle and maintenance. You simply put them up, plug it, and its good to go. Still, is this taking the true meaning out of the tree for Christmas? Is this a sign that we are simply lazy and are looking for a quick way out? Christmas comes once a year and I certainly don't want to take the easy way out here, but the "cons" of owning a real tree are slowly beginning to out weight the "pros" of owning one.

As for pricing, sure an artificial tree will be around for much longer, but they are ridiculously expensive. I have priced several pre-lit trees, and I am having a tough time convincing myself that it is OK to purchase a tree for $300+. Sure I know they will be around for more than one year, but $300????

So here is my plan for this year, I will keep to the tradition for one more year, then purchase the artificial tree after Christmas. I am certain that I can get a deal on one after the fact, but I just hope that after this year I am not convinced to stick to tradition. Knowing my luck, I will get the best tree ever and want to stay with the real one next year. Well, if that's the case, there is "always next year."