While many producers have their signature "drop" at the beginning of the tracks they produce, Pharrell has subtly marked many of his records the same way for over two decades.

I've always noticed the 4-count loop, but had no idea that it was on so many of the hit records that Pharrell has crafted over the years. It's very common for producers to place their audio signature on the tracks they make as somewhat of a calling card.

Baton Rouge producer Mouse On Tha Track's signature on cuts like "Wipe Me Down" and other numerous productions is the familiar, "Mouse on the track, gonna' make you bounce and act." And how can I forget DJ Khaled, which is pretty much just DJ Khaled yelling his name, "DEEEEEJAAAYYYY KHAALLLEEDDDDDD" very loudly.

DJ Mustard is one of the hottest producers in the game right now, and his signature drop, "Mustard on the beat h**" is one of the most familiar samples on the radio right now. 

Fun Fact: That catchy drop originated from a YG lyric on the Mustard-produced track "I'm Good." (hear sample at 2:28)

Since the early 90s, go-to hit maker Pharrell Williams has had one of the most popular signatures, and over and over again he has made his mark without using any words at all. It should come as no surprise that for over 20 years, Pharrell has chosen to speak with the beats.

Four beats to be exact.

A signature 4-beat loop has been Pharrell's calling card since he started producing, and our friends at Discopop even took the time to make a mega mix of the intros on some of his biggest tracks, starting all the way back from an SWV remix from 1993.

01. SWV – “Right Here (Human Nature Remix)”
02. Pharrell – “Frontin’”
03. Kelis – “Milkshake”
04. Snoop Dogg – “Drop It Like It’s Hot”
05. Robin Thicke – “Blurred Lines”
06. Shakira – “Why Wait”
07. Frank Ocean – “Sweet Life”
08. Pharrell – “Brand New”
09. Paloma Faith – “Can’t Rely On You”
10. Pharrell – “Happy”
11. Pharrell – “Hunter”
12. Jay-Z – “I Know”
13. Pharrell – “Gust of Wind”

Is it that Pharrell could never come up with a cool intro? Anyone who knows the super producer will agree that this subtle maker's mark fits Pharrell's "coolest guy in the room" personality the the tee.

You are now guaranteed to think about this every time you hear a Pharrell song from now on.

Well—this, and HUGE hats.

[via Discopop]