St. Jude has touched the lives of so many people from South Louisiana. Today is your chance to give back to the organization that has already given our community so much. We've heard many heart warming stories on air today from parents and family members of cancer patients who have had their lives touched by the generosity of others. Here is a first hand account of a cancer survivor and St. Jude success story.

Chris Logan: Danielle, you are a St. Jude success story. Would you like to share your story with us?

Danielle Britt: Sure. I was diagnosed in '93 with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. By the time I was diagnosed I was stage 3 -4. It was pretty scary. I remember everything. My brothers were left at home to have to just wonder and talk to me on the phone so that was hard for them. But St. Jude is a wonderful place. They were able to put me in remission in 2 and a half weeks and I've never had any side effects. They take care of everything from the planes to the food to the housing.

I'm a success story and I ask that you call so that there can be more success stories.

For an even bigger reason to call, the other day I was going through my St. Jude memorabilia and I found a cassette tape (so you know it was old) that was made by three of my friends, Sarah and Jessica. I was in ICU and they made me a tape for me birthday. They both sang to me and asked me to feel better. They were my age. There was another girl on the tape named Kelly who was two. It brings a tear to my eyes to know that I've lost all three of them. Not one girl on that tape survived. That's why we have to call. That's why we have to donate.


Become a Partner In Hope today. Call 1-800-364-9665. You can also click here for more information on St. Jude and the radiothon.