Watch as people scatter and run in all directions trying to avoid being hit by an angry man driving his car into a crowed crime scene.The car was driven by the accused shooters father. He became angry after some words were exchanged and an unidentified man threw a bike at his car. This made the man angry and he started barreling through the crowd trying to mow down anyone in his path.

The driver finally came to a stop. After he tried to bail, the police gang tackled him to the ground. His fiancé had to jump into the driver side and stop the vehicle.

The neighbors say that rising tension between the family of the boy that was shot and the father of the boy who shot him led to the fight, and eventually punches flew and a bike was thrown at the car of the suspect's father.

Thank goodness no additional people were hurt, as it could have been a lot worse. Check out the extra raw footage taken at the scene. You can see the mayhem start to develop.