Anyone with a smartphone (and that's just about everyone) can admit to being a little "disconnected" with the real world, but Apple's new holiday ad that plays off of this disconnect has many using words like "perfect" and "genius," while others are using the words "sad" and "depressing."

So which is it?

Well, first things first, you have to watch the ad. It's titled "Misunderstood" and features a family during a holiday gathering, and a perfectly cast slacking teenage boy is seen glued to his phone nearly the entire time while the rest of his family is shown enjoying wintery holiday activities.

All day long his face has the signature smartphone glow from being buried in his device as he is seemingly disengaged with everything happening around him.

But then, at the end of the commercial, he flips on a sleek flat screen TV, and it's revealed that all day long he was actually making a super cool video that documented everything that happened that day, as we see his family members sobbing while watching the endearing video that he created of them.

People who are describing Apple's holiday ad as "perfect" have a point. They managed to recognize the truth that many of us are tech-obsessed, but at the same time put a positive spin on their features and engineering and how they have allowed us to put together things like touching family Christmas videos that tug at the heartstrings, virtually on the fly.

Those who call this commercial sad and depressing, point out that while Apple pushes it's new iPhone 5s and features like AirPlay, Slo Motion and iMovie; it ultimately fails to point out that while the boy was busy "creating" he totally missed out on participating in the day with his family and being part of the memories they made on that day.

He merely captured them, which some feel doesn't quite measure up to being a part of them.

I guess it would be like me DJng my own wedding right? Of course, the music would be great and I would make sure everyone had the best time possible; but in the process of doing so, I would totally have the suckiest wedding day ever from a groom's standpoint.

One could make another argument that the boy was merely selfless and chose to forego being part of the fun and excitement to capture what is sure to be a video that this family will probably look back on and cherish for a long time.

You see, that's why I love having you here to help me out when it comes to things like this. What do YOU think about the ad?

Does it do a good job of showing how Apple's products help us to connect with one another and capture memories like never before, while simultaneously crushing the stereotype that being attached to our phones always has to be a negative thing?

Or is it a sad commentary on the reality of society caving into devices that continuously keep us from enjoying the actual moment because we are too busy trying to capture it?

I'd say I'm somewhere in the middle. What about you?