After posting about Elton Kim, the dry cleaner who chased after (and hung onto the hood of) a hit and run suspect; I never thought I would be posting another story like his, let alone one from Baton Rouge. As you can see in the video above, a man clings onto the hood of a truck that he claims hit him, while yelling (calmly) for others to call the cops.

There is seemingly no sense of urgency from either the man on the hood, or the woman filming the video; but according to police, the man wasn't actually hit.

According to police, what actually happened was the man on the hood was selling shrimp by the side of the road, when the pickup truck driver pulled over and took his sign... for some reason. The shrimp salesman jumped on the hood of the car as the pickup truck driver drove away.

Apparently, once all was said and done, no one was charged in the incident.