Nowadays, Facebook and social media have really expanded the options when it comes to meeting others. However, meeting on-line doesn't have the same feel as getting to meet and know someone in person. Back before the internet was created, people had to meet other people the old fashioned way, and can continue to meet people in the following ways.

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    Grocery Stores

    When surveyed, more often than not, grocery stores were listed as a great place to meet singles. Now we're not sure of the exact history behind this trend, but it can be seen in movies ranging from Animal House to Old School. It may be the combination of the fill music you hear when shopping combined with the fact that your primal hunger urges are being stoked by the aisles and aisles of food selections. Whatever the case may be, if you shopping at Rouse's, Albertson's or one of the many other stores in Lafayette, you may be picking up more than food.

    If you need help picking up in the grocery store, not sure if this video will help, but it's kinda funny.

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    Downtown Alive

    Every Spring and Fall, the sounds of Downtown Lafayette can be heard echoing through the streets. The sound of music and fun originating at either Parc International or Parc San Souci during Downtown Alive draws people from all over. Combine great music, food and a little adult beverages (not brought in, of course...gotta get yours at DTA), the social element is ripe for meeting that Mr. or Ms. Right (or at least Right Now).

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    Health Clubs

    1. For years, Red Lerille's has not only been the premiere health club in Lafayette, but it's also been a social hang-out as well. Now, there are health clubs and gyms around every corner, and they all attract the same type of people, those who want to better themselves physically (and sometimes mentally, as a stress reliever). So it's no surprise that when you get people with similar mind-sets together, eventually they'll communicate with each other and may end up liking one another. Just make sure that the person you're interested in isn't wearing any jewelry on their left hand before pursuing.

    Also, make sure you don't accidentally pick up someone like this.

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    Athletic Events

    1. You know what it's like, you get the gang together, tailgate for the Cajuns football game, get caught up in the action on the field, then you notice another group of people enjoying the game as well. You end up striking up a conversation and the next thing you know, BAM..the game's over, but the conversation continues. Whether it's football, baseball, basketball or hockey, the excitement of the game can transfer over to the fans, and with that many people gathered together in one place, you're bound to find someone that's of interest to you...and just as importantly, is interested in you too. So make your plans, grab some tickets and some friends, you may end up making some new ones at the game.

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    College Campus

    1. After high school, you move on to higher education, whether it be community college or one of the fine universities around the state. Getting pulled out of your old social circles and placed into new territory is a great place to start over with your social life. No history you have to relive, no reputations preceding you, just a blank slate to start again. With the majority of people at school in the same boat as you, that kind of situation lends itself to forcing you to meet new people. It may start off as borrowing notes, but may end up as something completely different. This option is a little more expensive, but comes with the benefit of getting a great education along with the possibility of finding that someone special. Sometimes, it's good to get your head out of the books and see who's around.

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