Just when you think your marriage proposal was the most creative, there's always someone that one ups you with something better. This marriage proposal is definitely one of a kind. I doubt it could be topped, but then again - who knows?

Buzzfeed reports that Hector "Tank" Martinez set a new standard for marriage proposals on Sunday when he popped the question to his girlfriend Paige on one of the busiest highways in Los Angeles. It all went down during a "Unity Ride" - an event where solo and club bikers ride together.

Martinez began planning the proposal in October, clearing his ideas with the Unity Ride organizer and purchasing a special tire that released pink smoke for the big moment.

"When Paige and I talked about my proposal, she mentioned that she wanted it to be in the bike scene, but she also wanted her family to be there," Martinez told BuzzFeed via email.

Do you think you can top this???  I dont think so . All you need is 300 crazy biker friends to shut down Johnston St in the middle of the day. I think Lafayette's finest would shut it down before you could even think of getting down on one knee. Check out the close up video: