Former President Bill Clinton, attended President Barack Obama's second-term inauguration today, and it seems as if Slick Willy got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Of course, by hand I meant eyes, and by cookie jar, I meant Kelly Clarkson's ass.

In what I would call blatant staring instead of a 'photobomb,' we see Billy boy making no attempt to hide the fact that he was clearly checking out 'dat ass' as Kelly Clarkson takes the podium around the :06 second mark. Let's be honest though - is anyone really surprised? Hell, I can only imagine his reaction when Beyonce took the stage, lol.

There is no word on if there were any cigars present or involved in any of the inaugural festivities.

Here it is in animated GIF form, because... well, GIFs are just awesome.

bill clinton kelly clarkson photobomb gif