Babies will now TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Ok maybe not, but you should know that a couple of 'Pills' just got called back.  If you were this company that makes these puppies what do tell a complaining customer, "Oopps we're sorry?"

Looks like Pfizer Inc. had a pretty BIG screw up!  I'm not taking sides on this, but I do feel somebody needs to let you know about this because a few people might consider this IMPORTANT news.  If your one of the people (I'm talking to both males and females) that rely or use this pill 'heavily' to say the least, you might want to head to the doctors office like yesterday!  Pfizer Inc. announced that they had to recall about 1 million packs of birth control pills, because of a 'packaging error.'  Now you are at a HIGHER risk to becoming the new other words PREGO!

According to ABCNEWS the company found out that some packs had too many active tablets leaving the others with well NOT ENOUGH.  Pfizer has announced the problem has now been corrected, but what happens if your the person that already started using 'The Screw Ups?'

Again I'm not taking sides on the pill issue.......but I think its something you might want to know about.

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