Ok, I am not going to sit here and lie to you, my friends and I have always wanted to do this. Walk into a department store and ask the workers for a product that does NOT exist. Well, a couple of guys decided to do just that, and they pulled the prank off flawlessly. Watch what happens when they visit target and ask for product that they make-up, and ask for products that do NOT exist at all!!!!In this video two guys walk around target asking the employees of target for their assistance. The only catch here is that the product they are looking for really do NOT exist. No, there is no such thing, yet the employees still direct them to various departments in the store!!!


Now for those of you that work in retail, you may not find this prank to be too entertaining being that you may have been on the receiving end of this before. But what happens when they ask for "fish poison" and other ridiculous items....find out HERE!!!