Watch as they experiment with random peoples morals, as this guy pretends to be blind and drop his wallet. He wants to know "Would You Steal From A Blind Man?"

Facebook user Trollstation came up with a great idea to pretend to be a blind man and walk around in public and just simply drop his wallet. He played the part perfectly with cane and sunglasses.

The good thing is most of the people he tested returned the wallet, some on the other hand didn't.

The last lady looks like she had stolen before. She snatched up the wallet and put it in her bag as she cowardly walked off with the wallet.

The man pretending to be blind confronts her and she still says that she doesn't have the wallet!!!! The blind man then pretends to be the police and she runs off and tosses the wallet. (Some peoples children). LOL!! Other than her, it looks like human moral is still intact. : )