Well it only took 13 months of waiting, but finally, Beyonce has shared little Blue Ivy Carter's face with the world - and boy, is she a cutie or what?? Earlier today, Twitter blew up when the 1-year-old daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce's face was finally revealed. 

We have all taken a look at it here around the office and decided that from the nose up she looks just like her mom Beyonce - and from the nose down, looks just like her dad Jay Z.

Who do you think Blue Ivy looks like? Jay? Bey? or both?


The photo is a still from Beyonce's HBO documentary, Life is But a Dream, set to air tomorrow night (Feb. 16). She has previously said that the special will show a side of herself that we've never seen before, and that includes us finally seeing the face of her daughter Blue Ivy.

Do you agree that she is definitely the perfect mixture of both Bey and the Jigga Man? It's almost unfair how cute that face looks! Be sure to check out the documentary, set to air tomorrow on HBO at 9pm.

Until then, enjoy this side-by-side pic of little Blue Ivy and her mommy Beyonce!