As you are reading this, LSU fans are still shocked at the outcome of the BCS Championship Game where the Tigers were embarrassed by the Alabama Crimson Tide and shut out by a score of 21-0.  As the disappointment mounted, newsfeeds on Facebook and Twitter were flooded with disgust, anger and most of all "the blame game." Some called for Les Miles' head. Others blamed Jordan Jefferson. At numerous points in the game the crowd at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome could be heard chanting "Put Lee In!"

With the way that Alabama dominated LSU in the trenches, it's hard to imagine that a less mobile Jarrett Lee at quarterback would have made any difference, but we'll never know that for sure. Les Miles doesn't read your Facebook updates, so he'll never give you a straight answer--but don't worry--former New Orleans Saints quarterback and founder of the 'Who Dat Nation' Bobby Hebert called him out for you.

Bobby Hebert Calls Out Les Miles

UPDATE: Bobby Hebert explains to WWL why he put Les Miles on the spot at the BCS Championship post-game news conference.