A video of a dance battle at a funeral has some calling it a fitting tribute to the deceased, while others feel it is flat out disrespectful.

I can totally understand if the person in the casket was a part of their crew, but something about this makes me wonder if they still took it a bit too far. I'm all about celebrating life instead of being sad at a funeral, but this was a little different than your traditional second line.

Plus, would the deceased really be cool with Missy Elliot rocking out at their funeral?

I will say that the dancers definitely did their thing, but maybe it just wasn't the right time or place to be popping to "Lose Control." At one point you can even hear a DJ (???) give a shout out to one of the dancers.

Do you think the deceased smiling down from breakdance heaven? Or is he turning over in his casket?

On another note, I also just realized the world needs more Missy Elliott.