Music makes the world go round, brings people together, and it’s definitely been known to pump the party. People of Acadiana got to experience two nights of throwbacks at the Hot 107.9 Breakfast Jam Party. Gen X, Gen Y, and even Gen Z were all representing. After a crazy week of events, we all needed a way to bring some life back to our souls.

I can’t think of any better way to do that than catchin’ the wall and a few cocktails.

These two sold-out shows featuring artists DJ Jubilee, Partners N Crime and Rockell brought in a packed house at Scandals nightclub that for most of us, brought us back to times of house parties, eighth grade dances and the good ole days. For me, ‘Get it Ready’ reminds me of Sophomore Homecoming, while ‘When I’m Gone’ will forever be the anthem of sorority night from college days in New Orleans. These groups are like an audio yearbook that bring me back to days of youth I want to stuff in a time capsule.

The Breakfast Jam Party was epic; the crowd showed nothing but love. People I never met wanted to dance, sing and share their memories. Especially those with ties to the 504; we roll deep and don’t forget our roots. Thanks to Motor City, Scandals, Express Employment, Walk-Ons, Olde Tyme Grocery, and everyone who helped make The Breakfast Jam a success; and making it what it is today. And remember, keep calm and Bounce on.

Story by Jolie K