Rodney King, who became a household name in 1991 after a video surfaced of him being beaten by Los Angeles Police, has been found dead. According to multiple news outlets, King was found dead in a pool today.

Police in Rialto, California, received a 911 call from King's fiancee, Cynthia Kelly, about 5:25 AM asking for help. When officers arrived, they found King at the bottom of the pool and were not successful when they attempted to revive him.

Police are investigating his death, but do not suspect foul play in his death. Following the beating King took from LAPD in 1991, riots broke out all of L.A. in a form of protest. King was rewarded $3.8 Million following his incident with LAPD.

King was 47.

UPDATE: King's fiancee says Rodney had been drinking all day and smoked weed shortly before drowning.

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Rodney King Beating Video