A bride-to-be sent out invitations to her wedding photo shoot via text message. One accidental invite to a complete stranger turned into the best picture from the entire wedding.

Roger and Kristen decided it would be a great idea to combine their wedding photo shoot with a BBQ, so they decided to text those involved with all the details.

Kristen received a reply from one recipient, letting her know that she had texted the wrong number, but that he and his friends would still attend. She apologized, informing the mystery person that her message wasn't meant for strangers.

What happened next can only be defined as an epic win.


Texting or calling a wrong number is a mistake that has been made since the invention of the telephone, but the hilarious way this teenager handled the situation will change the way I think about accidental texts forever—especially if it means free BBQ!

Let's just hope this isn't one of those awesome things on the internet that turn out to be fake.