So, Britney Spears is still on tour, and once again, Pauly D is the recipient of a 'lap dance'.  I wonder if Pauly D's contract stated that she had to do him a 'favor?'While doing a show in Puerto Rico, Britney decided to spice things up a bit by bringing her opening act on stage.  She just wanted to thank him, but I guess a card wasn't good enough, as you can tell by these photos found on What Would Tyler Durden Do. You can't exactly call this a 'Lap Dance' so let's just go with the 'Sexy Dance.'  I think the smile on Pauly D's face says he enjoyed it, I can't really blame him.  Britney looks pretty good when she doesn't get all crazy and shaves her head. It could be worse, she could be posing for Playboy with Lindsay right now. Check out these pictures and more from Britney's show at What Would Tyler Durden Do.