As far as divas are concerned, Lady Gaga took the crown last year. From the Monster hit songs to her outrageous outfits (aka...meat dress) and public behavior, she's been on the cover of one magazine or another throughout 2010. But now that it's a new year, a familiar face is looking to take over the cover story.

In 2010, Lady Gaga battled Taylor Swift for female pop domination, but in 2011, Gaga is going up against none other than career pop star Britney Spears. It should be a truly epic battle of the blondes, and it's made even more interesting because the two not only share sonic similarities, but also have very similar fanbases of loyal devotees waiting to hear new notes from the chart-topping lasses.

In 2008, both Gaga and Spears released new music (Gaga with The Fame and Britney with Circus), and the ladies each released compilation albums in 2009 (Gaga's The Fame Monster and Britney's second greatest-hits collection, The Singles Collection), but never have their releases really come face to face as they will this year.