The Super Bowl isn't until Sunday, but we are already getting to see all the good commercials because, well - internet. A Budweiser ad for this year's big game features horses and puppies in a story that is guaranteed to tug on your heart strings.

An adorable puppy escapes the confines of his pen at the puppy orphanage, only to stumble upon a nearby stable where he finds, and quickly befriends a horse. We then see the stable master scoop up the wandering puppy to return him to his breeder.

This episode of the adorable pup escaping to visit his new horse pal continues throughout the commercial until ultimately one day, a man shows up to adopt the puppy and bring him to his new home, away from the stable and his equine bestie.

You'll have to watch the video to see how it all ends, but make sure you have some kleenex nearby.

...or a Budweiser. Your choice.