This very disturbing video catches a burglar creeping in a baby's room, then hovering over the baby while it sleeps. 

The owner of the house, a Houston resident by the name of Thinh Le said,

"The burglar was inside, walking around like it was his house"

This was all caught by a nanny cam, and if you watch the video you can clearly see the burglar walking around the babies room, then stopping and at one point pointing the flashlight at the baby.


Mr. Le also said the baby woke up, then went right back to sleep. Thank goodness the baby went back to sleep!

Mr. Le also said he must have come into a window that was unlocked, and that they didn't even know they had been ripped off, until a neighbor found their laptop and briefcase in their yard the next morning.

Detectives are still looking for the burglar, said to be a male in his teens, around fifteen or sixteen years-old. Let's hope they find him before the dad does!