Today, I truly stumbled upon a gold mine of awesomeness. I came back to the office to get some keys after-hours, and for those who don't know, I share an office with Chris Logan. I have no clue what told me to look in between our desks, but when I did something caught my eye. It was a paper bag that had a retro-style look on it that screamed "open me now Digital." When I opened it to reveal the contents inside, my entire SOUL lit up. Ladies & Gents, I was holding in my hand, Chris Logan's senior pictures from 1993 !!!! Immediately I grab the camera ... press record, then solicit the help of Chris Reed so that I'm not the only one that Chris Logan wants to kill (he can't lose both of us). I still have no clue why they were laying around, but now that they got into the wrong hands, we have uploaded this treat for the world to see.

Enjoy. Everyone.