Funny man Chris Rock is known for his "in your face" comedy, but a recent tweet from the comedian has the Twittersphere going ape. Chris may have put his name in the hat to claim the title of poster child for the phrase "too soon" with this tweet that angered some to the point of them doling out death threats. Maybe he was just trying lighten up the mood?

Either way, what do you think about his tweet? Too soon?

Many believe that with both Walker and Mandela's deaths being so close in timing with the tweet, that Rock was out of line and disrespectful to those who have barely even had the chance to mourn the passing of these men; including Paul Walker's friend Roger Rodas, who was also killed in the crash that claimed the actor's life.

Others also believe Chris was being sarcastic, because it seems that the news of Walker's death sparked more reaction than the news of Mandela's passing. It should also be noted that though it didn't come close to comparing to what Mandela endured throughout his lifetime, Walker was quite the humanitarian, so maybe the comedian was truly pointing out their great leadership roles.

For what it's worth Rock also tweeted that Mandela was the "closest thing to Jesus" shortly after his original tweet.

Do you think rock was being sarcastic, or was he actually paying respect?