Cleveland won its first professional sports championship in over half a century, and the entire city is never going to recover from this hangover.

LeBron and his teammates made a historic comeback to win the NBA Championship, and the people of Cleveland are understandably losing their minds. I have relatives who live in Cleveland, and I’m not sure if they’re ever going to be able to make it back to work. After this long of a wait, their bosses should understand.

Hospitals in Cleveland are probably going to see a boost in births about nine months from now. It happens in soccer all the time, so why shouldn’t we expect the same…output…in “Believeland?”

Immediately after the victory, the city literally started partying in the streets.

Downtown was already shut down because it was completely clogged with people, and there was even a rumor circulating that fans stole a fire truck.

Fortunately, Cleveland celebrated responsibly, aside from the fire truck. There were no riots, and it was a quiet night, in terms of arrests, for the police.

It seems like every time somebody wins a national championship in college sports, the city almost burns to the ground. Cavs fans are going to have a nasty hangover, but they won't have to clean up the ashes of their couch out of the streets. Well done, Cleveland. Party on.

Fans came out by the thousands to greet the team at the airport. Much to their enjoyment, LeBron, J.R. Smith, Kevin Love and the rest of the team looked like they had been on a non-stop celebration train too.

Look closely at this next video. I would like to point out a couple things: Kevin Love is wearing a wrestling title belt, LeBron is screaming with the Larry O'Brien trophy, Kyrie is wearing a jean jacket...and where is J.R. Smith's shirt?

Again, where is J.R. Smith's shirt? The answer is, somewhere in Las Vegas.

Arash Markazi followed the Cavs around all night, and if you scroll through his Twitter feed, you'll see the insanity that happens when you win an NBA Championship. Champagne, women, and shirtless J.R. Smith everywhere.

Kevin Love was pounding beers with a Stone Cold WWE Championship belt around his waist, and he did his Sportscenter interview in an Austin 3:16 t-shirt. Not to mention, K-Love's defense at the end of the game got him some love from NBA fans across the country, which has to feel nice for a guy everyone trashed (including me).

Back to J.R. Smith though. This pretty much sums up his night in one video.

In reality, it was a very emotional night for Smith. He sobbed in his press conference when he talked about his family's support, and he hugged his father as soon as he got off the podium. It was a touching moment for a player with a past filled with mistakes, and aren't redemption stories the best?

Speaking of redemption, how about that guy who left Cleveland, then returned and brought them their first championship in decades?

LeBron collapsed into a crying mess on the floor when the buzzer sounded, and the typically robotic king of basketball showed emotion all throughout the countless interviews he conducted after the historic win. The internet freaked out when he took his daughter to the podium, and on Father's Day, we all got a reminder that athletes are human too, with regular children who get tired and want to go home.

His daughter, Zhuri,was able to get some sleep after her first national television appearance, but her father stayed up all night partying with the fellas.

If you have any vacation time to spare, head up to Cleveland. They're probably going to keep partying for the next couple months, at least until the Browns start playing again.

One more time, I want to remind everybody that the folks in Cleveland threw down a massive party, all without trashing businesses, flipping vehicles or burning stuff in the street. That's how you party, people. Cleveland rocks.

Whenever you have cops high-fiving people in the street, humanity's good side is on display. Cleveland needed this moment, and they're doing it the right way.