Is it possible that we've seen the biggest football hit of 2013, just hours into the new year? Jadeveon Clowney, a defensive powerhouse for South Carolina, delivered a hit so vicious against Michigan in the Outback Bowl, some people are saying it just may be the biggest hit EVER!

I'm sure that could be pretty arguable (especially since he was literally untouched and ran full speed toward the runner) but to see the ball and the helmet fly simultaneously makes me cringe when I think of how Michigan running back Vincent Smith had to feel, being on the receiving end of that blow. In addition to delivering the hit that teammates describe as "sounding like a car wreck," Clowney also managed to scoop up the fumble with one arm, got up and attempted to score! It was the play that shifted the momentum of the game and helped lead South Carolina to a 33-28 come-from-behind victory.

Was Clowney's hit the biggest you've ever seen? Comment and let us know!