Well, enough time has passed since the Grammys, and the initial impact of the winners has given way to a growing wave of confusion regarding the selection of winners. If you had one or more of those "Who?" moments when winners were announced,  Brand Manager Steve Stoute has voiced their opinion to MTV regarding the subject.

"Over the course of my 20-year history as an executive in the music business and as the owner of a firm that specializes in in-culture advertising, I have come to the conclusion that the Grammy Awards have clearly lost touch with contemporary popular culture," he wrote in the ad, which took the form of an open letter. "The awards show has become a series of hypocrisies and contradictions, leaving me to question why any contemporary popular artist would even participate."

In particular, Stoute focused on the relatively recent snubs of Eminem, Kayne West, and Justin Bieber, all musicians he believes have been unfairly beaten for awards by inferior artistic and commercial acts.

Now I've been in the "industry" of music for quite a while. I believe that if I'm confused as to the selection of winners, I'm not the only one. Not having the benefit of being a part of the voting process, nor am I involved in the collection of the votes and adding up of the votes, it's hard to say who's right. All I do know is, something ain't quite right. Your thoughts?