I don't know what this cat stole, but it must have been a 'pretty penny' for it to jet out the window this fast!  If you have ever watched the show 'Cops,' your probably used to seeing people run from the police.  The interesting thing about this case is that, before the law came, the cat clawed and bit its owner.  Can you say MEEE-OWCH!If you don't believe a cat can do some serious damage, I recommend that you go and slap a cat right now.  Just like everyone else, I have had previous jobs growing up and one of them was at an animal shelter with some pets that had some serious 'weapons.'  According to mydailynews,


Aqua, a 2-year-old tuxedo tabby, prompted a call to police when he suddenly turned on Marta Hevia, 52, inside her Inwood apartment, biting her knee and clawing her arm."

After this feline, there might be a good reason why people choose dogs instead of cats.  Is there truth to the saying 'A dog is a man's best friend?'  The owner of the 'killer kitty' was in shock because it never attacked her before and they were what you could call best friends.

“Nothing like this ever happened before. He kept jumping and jumping at me,” she told the Daily News. “I was coming out of the bathroom when he attacked. I said, ‘No, Aqua! No!’ He was trying to kill me.”

I think I'm definitely going to stick to dogs from now on, but you have to wonder if the cops placed a bounty on the cat's head?