A father filmed his daughter Lotte every week from birth and made an incredible time lapse video that shows her aging 14 years in four minutes.

I have always wondered how different things would be in the digital age when it came to how we looked back on our most precious memories.  For instance, if I want to look back on my childhood, I have to go to my mother's house and dig under the bookshelf for that massive photo album.

Once I get to the album, I have to hope that someone was thoughtful enough to write down some info on the back of the photo so that in the future, folks would have an idea of what was going on, and maybe even a roundabout age of the people in the photo.

Now, we take photos for just about any reason. I'm sure if you went through your photo album right now, you will see close to 100 of the same type of photo; whether its your kids, your family, your loved ones, or even — wait for it — your selfies!

We don't miss a moment, and thanks to digital archiving and metadata, our photos are organized by just about any category one could imagine and able to be copied, pasted and saved infinite times over.

So back to this video. At the turn of the century, a dad decided he would film his daughter Lotte every week from the day she was born. In a time lapse visual that covers 14 years in under five minutes, we see Lotte go from newborn baby girl, to toddler, to elementary school student, to prepubescent teenager, to beautiful young woman.

This is really so cool. I'm already excited to see part two.