Dave Chappelle sat down with David Letterman last night, and for the first time in years he returned to late night to finally open up about why he quit Chappelle's Show.

Even though he didn't completely open up, he did let us in on a few things that resulted from him leaving the public eye, and it all seemed to surround one thing.


The extremely popular sketch comedy show—hosted by, and bearing the namesake of Chappelle—ran from 2003-2006 on Comedy Central, but came to an abrupt halt during the filming of Season 3 when the comedian up and walked away from everything, including $50 million.

Chappelle cleared up rumors about his escape to South Africa immediately following his decision to quit Chappelle's Show, and also revealed that while he does indeed have regrets about leaving, he's still doing fine.

In the full interview (not available online yet) he compared the way he exited Chappelle's Show to how people got divorced in the 50s.

People didn’t go to divorce court,” he said. “They just look at their wife and were like, ‘I’m going to go get a pack of cigarettes. I’ll be right back.’ They just leave with the clothes on their back and make a go of it.

Dave Chappelle is doing comedy again and will be at Radio City Music Hall in New York City performing June 18-26.