It's something you may see in movies, but you would never expect to see happen in everyday life---a "dead man" walking into his own funeral. However, this REALLY happened when a 41-year-old car washer shocked his family when he interrupted a funeral being held for him at his mother's home.

This bizarre incident happened in Brazil when Jose Marcos Araujo identified a body at the city morgue Sunday as being that of his brother, Gilberto. The only problem is, the body Jose identified was NOT that of his brother.

After Jose identified the body, police turned the body of to he and his family, and the family held the funeral service in their home. Gilberto learned of his "death" while walking down the street when a friend approached him and notified him that his family was mourning his death. He then returned to his mother's home during the ceremony and advised them that he was very much alive and well.

As Gilberto walked into the service, some family members fainted while others simply ran out of the house. This is one of the most bizarre stories I have ever read. Could you imagine being at a funeral and the person you are mourning walks in??? Though there is no indication of this in the report, I am sure some of his family members thought his ghost had entered into the home.