Here is a confrontation we didn't see coming, but word is that Michelle Obama is NOT a fan of talk show Queen Oprah Winfrey. While Oprah may have played a big role in the election of President Barack Obama, sources are citing that the President's wife is not too fond of Oprah. In a new book by Edward Klein called The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House’ he reveals Michelle’s insecurities and hatred for Oprah.

In the book, the author cites that Michelle Obama is very insecure and jealous of Oprah. She is quiet aware of all the Presidential affairs that have happened under the roof of the White House, and she has no intentions of letting her man repeat history due to temptation.


In the book, Klein says that Michelle Obama is known for spontaneously checking up on the President. She is always aware of who is around President Obama and is always aware of how to get in touch with him at anytime.

As far as Oprah, the first lady appreciates the support Oprah offered up during the Presidential campaign, but when Oprah would not move on after the election, that is when Michelle Obama's hatered towards Oprah started to grow. It has been widely reported that Oprah wanted to have a say-so in the decorating of the White House after the Obama's moved in, but Michelle was having none of that!!!

In this book, Klein says that Michelle Obama has even entered into uncharted waters by bringing up Oprah's battle with her own weight. Its reported that the First Lady told her staff that, "Kids will look at Oprah, who’s rich and famous and huge, and figure it’s OK to be fat.

Michelle Obama turned down an invitation to Oprah's show once before when she was invited by the host to discuss childhood obesity. Sources say that Oprah told her staff, “Michelle hates fat people and doesn’t want me waddling around the White House!

The question at hand now is, do you believe that there is friction between the two and do you believe that this author's claims are accurate? Personally, I can see where these accusations may be accurate. I can totally see someone like Oprah wanting to be in-tuned to the most powerful house in the world, the White House. And secondly, Michelle Obama does come across to me as the jealous/insecure wife. While I may have no data to back-up my feelings, it just seems like she would be the type First Lady to keep a watchful eye over her man and our President.