Reggie Bush is quickly realizing that Miami is definitely not New Orleans. Bush is under fire with fans yet again, and just like his previous fiascos, Twitter is at the center of it all. Last night Reggie hit the clubs drinking, as TMZ described it, "like he just won the Super Bowl" -- but the problem is that six hours earlier, his Dolphins team was just dealt their 4th "L" in a row by the San Diego Chargers, making them winless on the year so far.

Some may say "well, it's only Week 4" but any way you look at it, Reggie Bush is not off to the greatest start with his new Miami Dolphins team. In addition to his squad being winless, Reggie's contribution has been pretty lackluster and he definitely isn't living up to the "impact player" that Miami thought they were getting. To add insult to injury, yesterday's contest against the Chargers was Reggie's first game as an NFL player in his hometown of San Diego, rushing for an unimpressive 50 yds on 13 carries and catching a pair of passes for a total of 15 yards.

For the record, Bush is a grown-ass man and can do whatever the hell he wants in his downtime -- but it's a questionable move for a guy who's been HEAVILY criticized for playing like crap this season.

[via TMZ]

TMZ is right. Reggie is a grown-ass man, and Miami fans may not actually be as upset as most would think. Let's not forget, this is the same city that LeBron James and the Miami Heat call home. If that that whole "clubbing with the opposing team after losing the NBA Championship to them" thingy has already slipped your mind, here is a reminder.

Party on Wayne. Party on Garth. Party on Regg.