As Halloween 2012 approaches, we know many of you will be dressing up as "Honey Boo," "The Sexy Nurse," and "The Sexy Police Officer," but did you know that dressing up as "Sexy Food" may be in style? Yes, ladies will be dressing up as FOOD for Halloween.

I'm not quiet sure what I think of these type "costumes." Sure, they are sexy and all, but to dress up as FOOD for Halloween just seems weird to me. Although I will say this, if you do dress up as a watermelon or hamburger for Halloween, it will at least original be an original costume.

Too often I see women dress up as the cliche' nurse or police officer, but this original. My only worries dressing like this for Halloween, I think most guys would overlook the costume and just lust over how sexy the dress is. Yes, I am admitting we guys simply may not "get it." I ask, would any of you ladies even consider dressing like this for Halloween or is it just too much? Let us know in the comment section below.

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