The New Orleans Saints edged out the San Francisco 49ers, 23-20, in Week 11; but the hottest topic of conversation was the controversial hit by, and subsequent penalty on Niner's linebacker Ahmad Brooks for his block-rocking sack on Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Brooks almost took Brees' head off his shoulders with the sack, causing him to fumble and stretching his neck to cartoon-like limits. The neck-stretching was so severe, that our friends over at LandThieves made this hilarious GIF out of Brees' postgame interview with Pam Oliver.

Believe me when I say, it's only funny because Brees is "OK." Lord knows every Saints fan died a little bit on the inside when we saw that hit.

Here it is below in case you missed it.

Bleacher Report

And for some bonus hilarity, check out famed WWE ring commentator Jim Ross' electrifying call on the vicious Brees hit.