I'm done with this years Super Bowl. Its over and in the books. Time to look forward to next year and the Saints going to the Big Game in Jersey.. Just saying the word Jersey gives me the shivers brrrrrrrr.  I found this needle in a haystack/video of Drew Brees on Youtube. How did this just skip by me Ill never know.  Its Drew on the field like you have never seen or heard him before.

If you ever wanted to know about Drew from the beginning of his career with the chargers , winning the Super Bowl , Breaking Johnny Unitas TD record to him interacting with Coach Payton and why he does all those strange signals with his hands, this video will answer all your questions. Its all on field audio.  One word to define this video is AWESOME !! Hopefully this video will help you forget this season and pump you up for 2013.  WHO DAT!!

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)