Now this could be a sign that we are all getting older, but Eminem's daughter is already 15. I could swear that JUST yesterday I was a teenager bumping Eminem as he would rap angrily about his troubles with Kim-his ex who he has been married to and divorced twice-and their baby daughter Hailie who sat between all their trials & tribulations. Eminem, 38, has always referred to Hailie as a positive part of his life even in the angriest of his raps and it looks like it may have rubbed off on Hailie because she is on Twitter and is also a VERY positive tweeter !!!

PopEater has compiled some of the best tweets from Hailie Jade Mathers and they are borderline amazing coming from a 15 year old.

That's pretty positive stuff coming from a 15 year old girl. Hats off to Eminem.

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