This EMT throws himself a personal dance party to Rihanna's 'Pour It Up' while driving his ambulance reminds us why we love music so much.

Any time we are in the mix for the 5 o'clock Meltdown Mix, the 10 o'clock Block Party, or the Friday Morning Breakfast Jam, we can only HOPE that this is what some of our listeners look like in their car. (Safely following all the rules of the road, of course.)

The fact that this guy cut a conversation short with a co-worker on the walkie-talkie to turn up the music proves that the beat literally took over his soul, causing him to throw his hands into the air and give us some of the best vogueing we've ever seen—especially from an EMT.

Of course, the internet will be critical of our dancing medic being that he is distracted while driving and also takes his hands off of the wheel from time to time, but to quote Missy Elliott, "music makes you lose control."

Let's just hope he wasn't on the way to an emergency.